Identify opportunities in your existing data capabilities. Combine this with state-of-the-art AI to map out the most important AI initiatives for your company. I help design, develop, and supervise implementations of AI solutions. I also prepare AI agendas for raising investment, and support financial firms with prospective AI investments.

AI roadmap steps include:

  • Defining business needs as AI problems
  • Identifying data requirements
  • Defining defensible AI and data strategy
  • Choosing tools 
  • Developing models 
  • Defining immediate, intermediate and long term solutions
  • Implementing, testing, and refining solutions

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Workshops cover the basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) in a business context. Aimed at business leaders who would like to gain fluency in thinking about AI strategy. After this workshop you will understand how to identify AI opportunities, data and technology requirements, and the steps needed to incorporate AI into your business. Topics include:

  • Introduction to basic AI concepts: AI, ML, Deep Learning and more
  • How AI is transforming your industry
  • Creative session for leveraging AI in your business including:
    • Identifying most compelling AI use cases
    • Creating a defensible data strategy
    • Developing an AI roadmap
    • Navigating the space of AI options (in-house vs. external providers, hiring needs)
    • Planning steps for AI adoption, from small experiments to company-wide deployment

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