Bring insights from the latest neuroscience and psychology research into your culture, services and products. An understanding of the science of human motivation is one of the most powerful advantages a business can have. Topics include:

  • Persuasive design
  • Tools for behaviour change and motivation
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Employee feedback and engagement
  • Customer profiling

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Workshops on effective communication and employee motivation to promote diversity and inclusion. Feedback is a delicate operation and, when given improperly, can worsen performance and engagement. Yet constructive feedback is needed for flourishing work environments. Studies show that when given effectively, even critical feedback can improve trust in the workplace. Learn to transform feedback from a dreaded task to an empowerment opportunity. Topics include:

  • How to communicate for diversity and inclusion
  • Science of giving and receiving feedback
  • Neuroscience and psychology of motivation
  • Four step method for providing feedback that builds trust and motivation.
  • Workshop of scenarios relevant to your work environment

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