Development of natural language processing (NLP) solutions. Automate text processing or create conversational agents to improve services, streamline processes, or engage customers.

NLP roadmap includes:

  • Framing business needs as natural language processing problem
  • Identifying data requirements
  • Choosing tools and platforms for implementation
  • Developing models¬†
  • Defining minimum viable NLP solution and roadmap for immediate and long term results
  • Implementing, testing, and refining solutions

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Workshops cover the basics of Natural Language Processing. Aimed at business leaders who would like to understand how natural language processing and artificial intelligence solutions can improve business processes and enhance customer experience.  Topics include:

  • What is natural language processing (NLP)
  • Basic concepts in NLP
  • Problems being solved by NLP
  • Conversational agents
  • Creative session identifying strategic NLP use cases in your business
  • Planning steps to implementing NLP solutions

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